Expert Level Consulting

MikrotikSA interfaces between in house IT Management and external providers to facilitate implementation of larger network builds that are more often than not out of the scope of the Internal Staff.

Point to Point networking

Get communications running fast and stable between your satellite branch. LAN Speed connections

Point to Multi-Point Solutions

Large Operations with Multiple Sites, single server environment, safe secure transmission, a Private Network in a Public Space. Completely independent of National networks

Offsite CCTV monitoring

24 / 7 Live streaming at set monthly costs, raising the security offering to your clients

Mikrotik Training Partners

Highest Certified Engineers in Africa

Ubiquiti Training Partners

First to qualify with this giant American Partner in South Africa

Cisco Certified Engineer consulting services

Engineering access on both sides of your network, streamlining services and efficiencies

Tier 1 Bandwidth Provider

Independent Provider with incredible synchronous speeds. Pure un contended bandwidth for the discerning client who understands what they need

Offsite Data recovery

Tick the Corporate Governance check boxes in terms of live Off Site Data duplication / recovery